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Ice Flingo doesn't consider objects' velocity when firing snowballs

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Which usually makes it rather ineffective on a moving boat since snowballs land behind the boat path, forcing you to stop the boat to extinguish fires.


Steps to Reproduce

1. Have an ice flingo on a moving boat.

2. Notice that snowballs fired by it are lagging behind due to objects moving along with the boat.

3. Stop the boat or greatly reduce its moving speed by dropping the anchor to let flingo do its job.

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User Feedback

I don't think this is really a bug, more of an oversight. It would be pretty cool though if flingos predicted where an object would be while its moving.

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For what it's worth, you can easily handle smoldering on your boat using your hands and, occasionally, a Luxury Fan. Ice Fling-o-matics are frankly a waste of space.

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