Haunted VFX accelerates overtime

  • Known Issue

I hope this demonstration is clear enough:

  • wardrobe_simtime0.gif.bd4bbc408d4c00211d830ab3e137c9f8.gif5d168b1e247de_DontStarveScreenshot2019_06.29-00_42_47_21.png.a7966ca82797da1cfc2f2207e5565d60.png
  • wardrobe_simtime16000.gif.232a64ef60ffda1e2c509df05dbd08d0.gif5d168b1db00af_DontStarveScreenshot2019_06.29-00_38_00_08.png.8b7a012d63036505adab8fbdae05e60a.png

Steps to Reproduce
Wait for a few hours in the same world and then haunt something.
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