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Game keeps crashing and resetting the server

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So like the title suggests, every time I try to play don't starve together with my friend the server suddenly starts crashing at some point (always random how long into the game it is) and when we log back in it's been reset to an earlier time, causing us to lose the items we farmed and the things we built in that time. We also spawn at an earlier location, not where we were when the game crashed. There's no error message before closing the game, there's no error message after starting the game up again. There's no indicator on how or why this keeps happening.

This has happened earlier today and we stopped playing because of that, but it also happened a few months ago which caused us to stop playing until today.

We've hoped this would've been solved by now, but it wasn't. We tried playing with mods and without mods, same with caves; nothing seems to change. We don't know what to do or how we can solve this, and quite frankly we don't plan on continuing to play until this issue gets solved since it's simply extremely frustrating to spend a bunch of time farming and building things and then losing that progress over and over again. It's simply not worth it, no matter how much we love the game.

Hope someone knows how to fix this.


Edit: I just found the server log and took a look at it, and it seems to me like one of my mods was causing the bug. However, that does still not solve my problem as, like I mentioned earlier, it happens both with and without bugs.


Edit 2: We think it might be caused by the character "Wormwood". It seems to happen whenever I do anything like pick something up, plant or cut something down around him.

Steps to Reproduce

Nothing that stands out. It happens randomly.




User Feedback

You can find the directory for Klei files by opening DST, and pressing the Data button in the bottom left.

You can find your client log there, but if it's the server that's crashing, you need to attach your server logs too.

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It is indeed from the Turfed! mod. From a quick look at the mod on the steam workshop, this mod has never been compatible with wormwood and has not been updated since Oct 2018.

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