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Character's underwear is seen through clothes

Pig Princess
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Some recently added skins - toymaker's clogs in particular - don't hide underwear (as well as default look elements) of characters when applied, even though item covers that part as can be seen on characters that has less distunguished underwear. Examples when underwear is seen:





Other skins for legs don't have that problem:



And this particular skin covers all necessary parts as can be seen on other characters without such underwear:



Even though it doesn't really affect gameplay, I would like it to be fixed nevertheless, if it isn't too hard to do.

Steps to Reproduce

Use toymaker's clogs with Wanda/Wendy/Willow/Wickerbottom (default skin or not) and with body skin not being long skirt or dress (for example, merchant coat or vampiric cloak). Notice underwear or deafult skirt levitating in front of skin. Confirm with other characters that toymaker's clogs actually cover needed parts and remain confused.

User Feedback

So when Superman does it it's fine, but when the survivors do it, it's a bug that needs to be reported and fixed?

Double standards much?

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