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6 New Update Bugs

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So i posted a message on steam community for dst about the new update and the bugs that come with that.

  • Beefalos dont make noises
  • Monsters/Giants┬ádont make noises
  • Breaking an ice doesnt make a noise
  • When you push the quit button at the main menu DST Doesnt respond error comes out
  • Some Mods dont work
  • All the configurations for the mods get resetted after launching (I am not sure if all mods but the ones i use get resetted)
  • Animation problem with carrots and some problems when giving and dropping things in animation and also game disfunction. (Animation slows and sometimes action doesnt occur.)
  • Invited friend cant join server.

So these include the ones that i encountered and the community.

Steps to Reproduce
1- Walk near beefalos 2- Walk near giants (not the incoming sound their own sound is silence) 3- break ice 4- press the quit button at the main menu 5- Try More Storage v2 mod and config it different than default after the first launch at the second launch they are gone 6- Try 'Remove i understand' mod and restart the game it shows up again 7- This one doesnt occur everytime except the carrot one. 8- Invite a friend and wont be able to join.

User Feedback

I had the same issue with all my mods. It ignored all my mod configuration presets on 3 freshly created games. The mods themselves worked but only on the default settings.

Playing as wickerbottom with no mods that change her health I had a random amount of health something like 41*** or more. Then after eating 1 carrot my screen acted as tho i put on moggles and my character animations locked up (no walking animation when moving) this also made it so I was unable to do anything other than move around. I have not added any new mods, and have never seen this issue before. The carrot issue also happened with someone playing as Wilson on my server.

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adding another error

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same issue here. i change mod config and apply. then i host server and check config and its been set to default. i try again to change mod setting and apply before launching the server. i load up the server and it is just loading the mod's default config...

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Thanks for tthe replies guys added some more errors. And i believe there is a lot of bugs with the caves. I wasnt able to activate the caves yet but heard that there is so much.

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