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  1. edit: it seems it was a broken mod. the fix is linked below.
  2. there's no reason for this. playing default world, no caves, no mods enabled. ("steam friends only" with password) extremely good internet speeds, and a high end desktop pc in every respect. playing by myself, or with 1 friend. 99.9% of the time my scoreboard shows me at 2/3 bars yellow host. why recently does DST have me as such a bad host? this should not be a thing. i should be 3/3 bars (green) at all times, like i was all last year through the early access. with the same pc/internet/etc. did something change with the game that needs adjustment to ports/firewall?? some recent patch has made hosting bad. my friend joins as client and now sometimes gets bad rubber banding and loot delay. also: i (rarely) sometimes also experience custom worlds with loot delay and take longer to fight enemies, etc AS HOST. ( aka "unplayable" ) ...not sure if because running caves causes this, but it really shouldn't. i am host, this shouldn't be a thing. how am i getting delay when i am hosting with 0 ping to myself. i should never get lag as host playing solo. where's the logic here? where's the problem? how can i fix it? is there a bottleneck to cpu/gpu/memory that would cause me to get delay as a host?? i shouldn't be hitting it. not with my pc. if the game has such requirements they should be on the steam store page.
  3. same issue here. i change mod config and apply. then i host server and check config and its been set to default. i try again to change mod setting and apply before launching the server. i load up the server and it is just loading the mod's default config...