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  1. Thanks for tthe replies guys added some more errors. And i believe there is a lot of bugs with the caves. I wasnt able to activate the caves yet but heard that there is so much.
  2. So i posted a message on steam community for dst about the new update and the bugs that come with that. Beefalos dont make noises Monsters/Giants dont make noises Breaking an ice doesnt make a noise When you push the quit button at the main menu DST Doesnt respond error comes out Some Mods dont work All the configurations for the mods get resetted after launching (I am not sure if all mods but the ones i use get resetted) Animation problem with carrots and some problems when giving and dropping things in animation and also game disfunction. (Animation slows and sometimes action doesnt occur.) Invited friend cant join server. So these include the ones that i encountered and the community.