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3 sound bugs

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The varg's sleep sounds can be heard from extremely far away it would be good if the radius of where you hear it is toned down.

and the sound for when you are hitting something with a hammer is extremely tiny radius if you are like 5 radius away from another player hammering something you can't even hear it  and it just looks like they are hammering something and no audio plays and it's so weird and unimmersive... these little things take a lot of the games feel i hope they are fixed then the game can be higher quality, ty

also the sound for deerclops is ice attack it has infinite radius and you can hear it from no matter how far you are away


Steps to Reproduce

varg sleeps and even if you are pretty far you can hear it at its full volume.

other player hammers something on your screen and unless you are super close you can't hear hammer sound.

play the sound of "dontstarve/creatures/deerclops/ice_small" on somewhere and you can hear it no matter how far you are

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User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

the sound for 3 is not even played by in game through normal circumstances, but it exists. so it's definitely a bug should be fixed. sounds having infinite range is common bug in sounds which were not implemented correctly

and 1 the sound is abnormally loud even if has a use it doesn't make sense to hear varg snoozing when you're over 2 player screens away

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play the sound of "dontstarve/creatures/deerclops/ice_small"

this is probably the oldest bug ive ever ever seen. great work! thank you!


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