1st Round Fist Full of Jam

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Hello, i think i found a bug.

In the recipe book, the Fist Full of Jam without silver plate give 1 Saphire medal as a Snake or Dessert.

First round is always Snake and i make a Fist Full of Jam and it gave me only 6 coins.

So, i think the recipe book is not refreshing or the fist full of jam gives wrong

Sans titre.png

Sans titre2.png

Steps to Reproduce
- Create a custom match, take our caracter and vote to start solo. - Buy the Cookpot and install it - Gather 3 berries and put them into the cookpot - Make your Fist Full of Jam and place it to the altar - See this is not 1 Saphir medal but 6 Coins

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The Gnaw gives different rewards for the same meal if you give it for different cravings. In this example, you gave the jam as a snack, but you get the blue coin only if you give it as a dessert. 

So it's not acutally a bug afaik, but it's very confusing and it wasn't cleared anywhere, so the cook book often cause such misunderstanding and misleads players who are not aware of it. It would be nice and more fair if this would be explained or at least hinted. 


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If i'm correctly understanding, only the first type of meal is affected by the reward.

Fist Full of Jam as a desert => 1 saphir (in the recipe book)

Fist full of jam as a snake => 6 coins (not in the recipe book)


So if i'm offering a meal with 3 differents catehories, only the first of them is affected by the reward. Right ?

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No, the order of the cravings has no correlation as to whether the reward is affected or not.

Take for example grilled cheese #48. In the Klei database, it shows the first craving as snack, then bread, then cheese.

Giving it as a snack gives the rewards shown in the database, but bread and cheese will give less rewards.

However, meatballs #10 on the Klei database shows meat then snack. When given as meat, it will give less rewards, but snack gives the rewards shown.

It's up to the players to find out what rewards are given for each craving. I haven't figured out all of them, but here's a general helpful tip.

Usually veggie, fish, bread, and meat give less rewards than shown in the database if the meal can be given as different cravings. And most of the time, dessert, snack, soup, and pasta cravings tend to give the best rewards.

Of course, the easiest way to tell if the meal gives the rewards shown in the database or not is to use meals that can only be given as 1 craving. Creamy fettuccine #53 is an example of this. However, those meals that only have 1 craving are few and far between.

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