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  1. 1st Round Fist Full of Jam

    If i'm correctly understanding, only the first type of meal is affected by the reward. Fist Full of Jam as a desert => 1 saphir (in the recipe book) Fist full of jam as a snake => 6 coins (not in the recipe book) So if i'm offering a meal with 3 differents catehories, only the first of them is affected by the reward. Right ?
  2. Hello, i think i found a bug. In the recipe book, the Fist Full of Jam without silver plate give 1 Saphire medal as a Snake or Dessert. First round is always Snake and i make a Fist Full of Jam and it gave me only 6 coins. So, i think the recipe book is not refreshing or the fist full of jam gives wrong
  3. Hi Klein developpers ! An other bug I find is the following: I make a world with mods in DST cavepreview beta, I configure my mods and I launch the game : The settings of all mods are not loaded in the game. If I would play with configured mods I do this way : Open all modinfo.lua and configure it with text editor
  4. Hi Klein developpers ! Today I found a bug in the Don't Starve Together Cavepreview beta. I've installed a mod Wall Health Regen witch invoke the DoDelta methode witch is in walls.lua for restore wall periodically with a scheduled task. The game crash when the task is runned with this message : Then I add the following code in the modmain for testing if this components is really nil : if == nil then inst:AddComponent("health") end but the game crash with this message : Significating the components already exist and isn't nil Here my log files: - client_log.txt : The nil component - client_log2.txt : The crash caused by replica component client_log.txt client_log2.txt