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Tallbird AI changes?

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Since you guys are looking into tallbirds, do you think we could address their weird interactions with smallbirds and teenbirds? I just find it odd that tallbirds will attack smallbirds and teenbirds on sight (maybe because they weren't given the follower tag to tallbirds, I am not sure), but it has always confused me why they act this way around their young. I don't know if this is a bug or intentional, but it definitely makes raising multiple an interesting experience if some are offset compared to others (I haven't raised them for awhile, so maybe I am misremembering). Or was this a solution to reduce the population from overloading at tallbird nests, because so far those teenbirds/smallbirds don't seem to die unless you load in the area (which is hard to notice unless you have not gone to that area for a couple 100 in game days).

Steps to Reproduce

Step 1: Find a tallbird
Step 2: Spawn a smallbird or teenbird next to them
Step 3: Watch them murder their own kind


User Feedback

Adding on to this, I've placed a small bird that is not associated with the player inside the pen and the tallbirds decided to murder them.

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