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Incosistent Mining/Chopping

mr. brj
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Not sure if it is mighty Wolfgang specific or world gen related, or maybe even has to do with the durability of the tool item. Rarely, chopping/mining takes even less swings then it should have taken (15 for normal tree takes 5 instead of 10, 6 for normal boulders takes 2 instead of 4). Happenned on a freshly generated world for 2-3 evergreens and 1 nitre boulder. All of them far away from the meteor shower biomes.

Steps to Reproduce

Honestly no idea. Try a lot and get lucky?

User Feedback

@mr. brj It's actually intended!

There's a new feature where mighty wolfgang has a 1% chance to instantly destroy an object he's working everytime he chops/mines/hammers.

This does result in a double loot bug if you destroy the object and get that 1% chance on the last hit, which will likely be fixed :D. having a chance to instantly destroy objects is not a bug though!

Edit: looks like Jason was a second earlier than me haha.

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