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Grumble Bees ignore BERNIE! at the 3~4th phase of Bee Queen.

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After entering bee queen phase 3, the grumble bees ignore BERNIE!'s taunting. Weird becuase they don't ignore BERNIE!'s taunting at the 1th~2th phase of Bee queen. I feels like there's something complex about grumble bee's aggro..


Steps to Reproduce

1. Fight bee queen with BERNIE!

2. Enter bee queen 3th phase.

3. The bees will ignore BERNIE!'s taunting since then.

User Feedback

I found in the game that this phenomenon is related to Grumble Bees charge attack, once they use charge attack under the command of the BQ, they can never change aggro targets. And Grumble Bees those had never used a charge attack after spawned, were still under the influence of Bernie and Rude Interlude.

I suspect this is because charge attack lock aggro targets to make sure they keep going after the same person, but programmer forget to break that lock when the charge attack ends.

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11 hours ago, ButterStuffed said:

Unfortunately intended.

It seems that your description at the time could easily be misinterpreted as "during the charge attack" rather than "after the charge attack is over."

I kinda hard to believe it's design:sad:

Edited by Cassielu

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