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Dumbbell lifting interruption & Lifting hands-free

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Here's 2 bugs I've found relating to dumbbells while testing the beta branch:

Dumbbell lifting interruption
* This bug was found in the beta branch but might be in the main version as well
* Easier to reproduce in the beta, but still somewhat randomly occurring

If Wolfgang's might meter lands on a transition threshold (25 or 75 mightiness) from lifting dumbbells while the meter ticks down a point naturally, the lifting session can be interrupted by a form downgrade.
This is easier to reproduce in the beta, since all dumbbells (except stone) now give 5 mightiness per lift, so going from 0 to 25 is quite likely to get this result.
As mentioned, this reaction seem to occur at random while testing, about 50% of times testing lifting would be interrupted.
Note: I've read the patch note mentioning the animation transition during combat getting a fix soon, just thought I'd mention this in case it persists after that fix.

Lifting hands-free
* This bug can be reproduced both in the beta and the main version
* Easy to reproduce in both versions

If the dumbbell being lifted is removed from the hand slot by picking it up with the cursor while Wolfgang is changing form, the dumbbell and Wolfgang's arm will disappear from the lifting animation.
Wolfgang will still gain might from the lifting, the dumbbell will still consume durability wherever it is in the inventory, even if it is put in a chest. Another item can be placed in the hand slot while the lifting animation is going on.


Steps to Reproduce

The steps are addressed in the bug descriptions and the attached video.

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User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

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