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  2. What games have you been playing?

    When i get a new keyboard I'll go back to playing the FPS games i used to play, namely: - all three S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games, and - the original Halo
  3. Is it just me or is the swamp a little lack luster like sure theirs tentacles and reeds but that's about it maybe mosquito but other than that you just avoid it.just come at day grab reeds and leave and never see a use for it until a wicker comes I just hope that with the new character their is stuff worth while in a swamp(kinda like with warly they added foods).to prove my point I oy went to swamp once in my world and never went back I stopped at around day 220 cus boerdness.but if anyone feels different then good for you lemme see it.
  4. I need help with the forum itself

    I had to look it up. It's part of an extension on media wiki. This means that the feature has to be coded in like chintam said. It exists in the main wiki between its own pages, but no feature like this exists for gamepedia.
  5. I need help with the forum itself

    i dont think that exists on the wiki. which is really sad.
  6. I need help with the forum itself

    Yep, that's it. I like the effect. It's usefulness is different for everyone. It gives me the title, date, # of replies, who created it, and it is easier to read than a full link.
  7. By the way.. I am currently in a stage where I utilize pip to plant my plants, with that whats the top 5 plants you plant(wow thats too many 'plant') using pip and a quick explanation why would be nice. TIA
  8. I need help with the forum itself

    "link preview" is that like this?
  9. I need help with the forum itself

    That's alright, you can help me edit the uni now Almost done alphabetizing the categories. I just have to copy the links, words in spoilers, and pictures one at a time, but it should take 20min top to get a decent version of the uni on there.
  10. I need help with the forum itself

    im sorry, i dont know much about the wiki. i edit pages, but not much else.
  11. Ah yes, it's true that consoles have this, I'm a bit too much used to play on PC only. ._.
  12. These are the PS4/Xbox achievements, they're just in the code here too for some reason. Personally, I wouldn't want achievements on PC. Achievements are an expected thing for console games, so it makes sense that they're there, but I don't think they'd fit well on PC. What would be the benefits? Like you said, experienced players would complete them very quickly. As for guiding new players, I don't think that's a good idea at all, because it's guiding them to a goal, the goal of obtaining all the achievements. After that, they'll be left with the question "what do I do?" which is already a bit of a problem for new players.
  13. Snip of discussion we had about this machine, over there. I feel it belongs here, too. I've been thinking about counting cycles, for meteor seasons and maybe some buffs (if the dancing / coffee things still last 4 cycles) and was just seeing clocks and a bunch of memory toggles but using water is... very interesting, especially for long periods. I will have to think about all that, but good stuff indeed, thanks! Also it may be just me but at first glance I thought the machine was "all that". Intimidating, to say the least. Maybe that won't deter aficionados but I feel like 4 individual pictures would look a bit easier.
  14. I played Interland so much I got to all of it and while Reality River I saw this:5da9431919f47_DABINTERNETBOIFOLIFE.png.76d2d76fdf824992b95717f8f18260d5.png
    [Insert Illuminati Song Here.]

  15. It's been a while I've spotted those in the game files but I was thinking they'll be a coming up feature with time... and now, years have passed but the achievements are still hidden with no impact for players and I now ask myself what are they here for ? You may also wonder what I am talking about, so I guess an example could introduce you to the achievements : And this is the actual list of achievements in DST : Surviving 20 days Surviving 35 Surviving 55 Surviving 70 Building the Science Machine Building the Alchemy Engine Building the Prestihatitator Building the Shadow Manipulator Using a Wormhole Trading with the Pig King Planting a Butterfly Using Bee Box Repairing with a Sewing Kit Befriending with 6 Pigs Befriending with 4 Rock Lobster Hatching a Tallbird Egg Calming a Treeguard Opening a Cave Entrance Surviving an Earthquake Using a Tentacle Pillar Wearing the Slurtle and Snurtle armor Joining a server "host_for_days" (?) Reviving a player Sharing items with new players "party_time" (?) Equipping a skin Trading items in the Trade Inn Killing a Deerclops Killing a Spider Queen Killing an Ancient Guardian Killing a Moose/Goose Killing a Bearger Killing a Dragonfly Taming a Beefalo If you want to explore by yourself, here is all the names : Funny thing is that this is still updated since last year at least, like, the "pacify_forest" achievement is even awarded when you plant a Totally Normal Sapling with the potion of the Mad Scientist Lab. So, Klei, is there any hope you do something from all that interesting stuff or will it be only script sided ? Also, what about you guys ? Would you like to have them in the game and do you have any original concept ? My opinion is that they deserve a place in the game ! The only regret is that they aren't server sided so you will unlock them only one time and not on every world you play on, according to "trade_inn" at least. But this might be a fair addition to the game for guiding new players, these achievements can be helpful to find out some things that don't come to your mind immediately. Also, I believe the current list is pretty quick to complete for any experimented player in 1 - 2 years, the hardest one seems to be the last, and keep in mind that you will need to do it with other players for some of them, which is fair for a multiplayer game. And if you want, I'd like that we try to e x p a n d it a bit, so if you have good ideas you can tell me about it. I will keep this list updated from your messages.
  16. Yes, but it would take some additional wiring. The information is there already. For example between 24kg and 66kg of water it's copper season. You can figure out the rest from the valve settings.
  17. I said I might've clipped it, and it turns out that I did not actually clip it, unfortunately.
  18. Today
  19. How do you have different background in customisation menu?
  20. That's why I was asking Jan to post it on youtube. You said you clipped it so...
  21. Minespatch, there's a high chance that it's already been deleted. In fact I know it probably is deleted, because the space industry upgrade was dropped more than 2 months ago. Edit: Yup, it's gone. I'll see if I clipped it though.
  22. Stinky in the Space industry short. He wasn't in the final product.
  23. Yeah I've read the same, it's not true anymore. They eat 120W no matter the signal. However they DO turn off randomly (for a tick every 3 or 4 seconds, it's very weird). Maybe that's how they refresh their "event detection", just power off themselves regularly (/facepalm). Jesus... yes. Hmm, would there be a way to extract sub green signals from that? Good sir redwire? Could you make the machine send me green signals for every meteor season, then I would know the 1st one is iron, 2nd green is gold (or w/e) and etc. Or even better (?), have 3 outputs. Output 1 would be iron, 2 copper, 3 gold. That would be useful for commercial journeys (as in cargo bays rockets on small distance)
  24. I'm sure you can figure that out by seeing that it's 10g/s per tile combined flow rate of water. So you can quickly see on the water level how many seconds it's into the the full 34 cycle... uhm... cycle. Just note that for the calibration to work, it start with the first peace season after a iron meteor season just like it says in the picture. Why would you need rocket scanners when it's peace season unless you have something else that requires it? You can just have the doors open during peace season.
  25. Mind posting the deleted storyboard so I can download it with twitchleacher? I'll repost it on my youtube.
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