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Steam Turbine requirements/info description tooltip/codex

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Okay- So I started to build a steam turbine in a cool steam vent  chamber that had a lot of steam but only after the fact,  did it say that my steam temp. had to be above 200 something. cold temp in red.

It would have been helpful to indicate the EXACT requirements for the building to save me trouble of finding out a bunch of cycles later that I had wasted my team trying to get my guys to build an exosuit docking station and all these other elaborate waterlock setup.


So as feedback/suggestion,   the description for this building needs to be more detailed.  Thanks.

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1 hour ago, Pat4yczek said:

Temperature of steam must be 235 or higher and pressure below turbine must be 3 kg higher then above. If you want to run turbine effective, then pressure must be below 200kg, above vent

Now if this was in the turbine`s tooltip it would be all fine.

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