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Deeper Shelves! (Stacks on Shelves!)

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I get what you guys are going for with the shelves, I really do. However, I feel it would be so much prettier if I could place stacks on the selves.  As it is now, I make boxes and place items in front of those boxes to indicate what's inside the box, when playing other versions of Don't Starve. The ability to slap a whole stack on the shelf would be nice.

It'd be broken!

Ok, ok, so either charge me a lot more oincs, require me to use crafted boards for it, or both! Like, it could cost 3 boards and some oincs, or 6 boards even and some oincs and I'd be happy with it.


For that matter, I think it'd be cool if we could craft things with other stuff instead of oincs for our homes... That is, if you weren't already planning that. Like, the more expensive lamps now could be crafted using hats and stuff, and then if you pretty up your home enough it could improve your sanity while you're inside. It'd be broken compared to other Don't Starves, but this is Hamlet! Go out an adventure! Face all the stress out there! The come home and relax!

Also, a reusable bed for the home would be nice. Like a bedroll or tent maybe. Perhaps upgradable beds, or various versions of beds, one like a bedroll, one like a furry bedroll you'd make with bunny tails, one like a tent. And they could cost something other than oincs to make.

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