Spicing things up for Season 3

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If there's a forge season 3 on the distant horizon, I would love to see skill-based mechanics which boost damage, healing, defense, etc.

When animation cancelling was first discovered, an exciting new dimension of the forge was opened up, It made the gamemode feel more engaging and skill-based, and less of "just hold F if you're dps".

But then things went a bit too far when widespread automation of animation cancelling came about, It brought the gamemode back to square one, and many were back to (metaphorically) holding F.

Woodie is a great example of a skill-based character, He can easily cut minutes off of runs with properly timed interruptions with Lucy.

Expanding upon those skill-based, difficult-to-automate mechanics would make season 3 a very interesting one.

Perhaps each character could have a set of special abilities? Maybe the abilities could have powerful interactions with other players' abilities to encourage teamwork and coordination?

Just some food for thought.

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