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Tampering with world time, is it possible?

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So I used a mod called configurable time of day, I wound up adding my own setting that made the time in a single day so long it basically halted the time. I figured for creating a custom map this was perfect.

So combining this with simple map editor and not enough items, I had a go at trying to create such a map.

I did just that, I managed to make everything I wanted to in said map, so I went and removed the mods but one issue persisted.

I thought after removing the configurable time of day mod that the world would go back to its default time of day speed. I was wrong, my world is now stuck with this near halted time speed, making it unplayable. Is there any way to fix this? I tried using the configurable time of day mod and setting it back to the default value but that obviously didn't work, I want to set the world's timer back to 0 and somehow set it's daytime rate back to the default value.

If there's anyone here who knows how the heck to accomplish this, please let me know, it saddens me to see this custom map just die due to this issue.

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