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I introduce my newest mod!
The Forge Health Tracker!

It uses revolutionary technology to send your damage done to other mobs to the other clients, forming a health tracker, when all clients run this mod!
This requires all clients to run this mod for it to work, but when you do its delicious!

credits to the following mods for there wonderful GUI stuff:
Simple Health Bars DST by DYC
Epic Boss Healthbars by Tykvesh

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4 hours ago, CrimXane said:

so it reads all the damage done by everyone so using it on public let's say doesn't work ?
i don't get why it's harder to do than normal DST health bars for mobs.

It's harder because to view the creatures health normally you need to have access to server side information. That's impossible with Forge servers.


What it does is the maximum health was estimated and the mod tracks the damage dealt by players. The damage dealt is then subtracted from the estimated health. That's why it's not always accurate and why it doesn't work if not everyone has the mod.

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