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succeeded in making the Bird Whistle workable to calling roc

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in today's update(20181128) there is a craftable item called Bird Whistle in Survival tab for calling roc, but when i use it the game will crash at once, so i made some investigation and finally make the Bird Whistle workable.

ways to make it workable:

by replacing the "rocmanager.lua" file i provided and restart the game, and you will be able to call roc too. the file in WIN may under "D:\yourgamefile\steamapps\common\dont_starve\data\DLC0003\scripts\components"

since we can call roc at our own will, choping trees and killing pig_gurad will be more easier

however, there may be potential risk in doing this replacement of game_file, may somehow make your game crash or whatever i dont know yet

what i did with this file:

copy the Rocmanager:ShouldSpawn()  function  and adjust it into a new function called Rocmanager:Spawn()

 sorry my chinglish, and i didn't figure out how to add images, so do it at your own risk and have fun with this new feature XD


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