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  1. Not a bug--it's a feature. You can only grow nettles in Jungle turf, which you cannot move. You have to re-plant them at the closest jungle patch and then take care of them.
  2. After installing the new patch and starting a new game in Hamlet, I cannot scroll through menus using the mouse wheel. I've submitted a few bug reports. The error about the variable CONTROL_SCROLLBACK not being declared in the crafting.lua:165 script
  3. The sprinkler problem arises because you need to build it close to a body of water (not the edge). It's more of a pump that moves water from ponds/lakes onto your plants. That's why you're not able to build it so far away from the water.
  4. DS seems to go from ~216 MB to 3.549992 GB in a linear fashion while on the loading screen All mods are disabled and I've tried toggling different settings (eg., netbook mode, small textures). The message also reads "Don't Starve Together has run out of memory" despite being the single player version. I have used the "Report Bug" feature to upload files. Guess that slot's dead
  5. I led a three guards outside town and then targeted one (without my character hitting it). The other two quickly killed it, but when I pick up the pig skin or meat, the others immediately became hostile. I'm guessing this is intentional, but I'd like to be sure since this seems to be different behavior than before.
  6. I was leading hired pigs outside the town to be crushed by the BFB. One got killed from the BFB, and the other two immediately became hostile to me. Not sure if this is intentional or not.
  7. I've experienced the same thing--I waited over 10 min. Nothing happened.
  8. Food that's gone from fresh to stale still has a green background indicator. However, the hover description is still correct, indicating that it's now stale X food. I noticed it first as Wickerbottom in Hamlet, but has persisted while travelling to Survival and Shipwrecked. I haven't tried reproducing this with other characters. I'm using a few mods and will see if it persists if they're disabled. EDIT. After disabling all mods, the bug persists.
  9. After befriending a few Rock Lobsters in the caves, I traveled back to my RoG base. The RLs followed me above ground per usual. I then traveled to Hamlet via my Skyworthy, and the RLs came with me. Now they're wandering around the city eatin' rocks. Not sure if it's a bug per se, but thought devs should know it's possible. I have not yet tried taking "vanilla" pigmen, bunnymen, glommer, catcoons, or smallbirds into Hamlet. I haven't tried bringing any friendly mob into Shipwrecked either.
  10. Simple text inconsistency. After going from HAM to Survival (ROG), the book description tells me to build a Hogus Porksuator instead of a Prestihatitator in order to learn the recipe.
  11. I can confirm at least one of these objects.
  12. Peculiar claw palm trees no longer show the "peculiar" tag when moused-over when wet. However, character still indicates it as peculiar and will function as normal when dug up/cut down.