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  1. Does it mean that Hamlet is a land flying in the sky?Or it's a land up on a big tree?(just like the main game pic illustrates)
  2. Hi Hugo, no offence, but where is Jason? And this update's tune style seems different as previous. You used to make survival lives harder, and now it's easier
  3. Got it, Thx It's pretty nice that Jungle turf can be craft now
  4. What does this mean, that Root Trunk in Dense Turf will afterwards become a Bramble Bulb in natrual?
  5. What does the ruins fountain refer to? The wishing/end well in ruins? Or the Fountain of Youth?
  6. bottle lantern still light after re-entering an interior where it was left on the ground
  7. after 20181130's update, i am suffering the frames drop at every two seconds, like a heartbeat, and i have submitted my profile and game slot to you in my game. thanks for you guy's work, HAMLET is really awesome
  8. i know what you mean, in previous game-version it's workable, but after today's update, in a new alot, the nettle plants are all born in bud-status, there is no magic-light-nettle-flower anymore, if we dig it up, we only get a dug_plant, without cut_nettle . anyway, thanks for your info
  9. conclusion: 1.the regrowth-timer will be reset after bloom even if you haven't picked the nettle, that is the worst part. 2.and we don't know when the timer will run full. 3.the bloomed-status last so short that we can hardly come across it when it blooming 4.however Jason said 'Nettle plant should naturally bloom more consistently', it only boomed twice and leaved me 0.5day-long to collect them And, if we have to build a sprinkler to farm, the nettle won't bloom in wild, that will be so weird for a survival game.
  10. the mechanism of nettle plant is still a little bit confusing, for we players we didn't know when it will bloom, and the bloomed-status last sooooo short. Here is my test(i was in godmode and keep eyes on them, time passed at normal speed) humid season naturally, it takes 3 days to bloom , and only bloom with raining 2.the bloomed-status only last about 1/8 days when rain stops(become bud). 3.and once the plant bloomed, whether you pick it or not, the regrowth-timer will be reset and takes another X-days to bloom again. (in my test X=5.5, day21 it bloom again) 4. since the nettle are not bloomed in day1 in new slot after this update, there is nearly no chance for us to collect enough nettle before flush season, and we will have to wear a gas-mask, bear the heavy drop of sanity, fight the crawling horror endlessly. or we have to chop down all tea-trees for enough pods.