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Hamlet early access gears and a controller

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My husband and I play dst a lot and we were both excited to play hamlet, even though it’s a single player game. Both of us are console players (ps4) but didn’t want to wait to play. We got the bundle for pc on steam and was really to play. We are really enjoying it. The only two issues for us right now are these.....

Gears! Oh my how annoying that situation is. The only place to get them it seems is in a shop in the second Pig City. You have to have a lot of money on you because if they are not for sell, you have to buy things in those hopes that spot is restocked with a gear. I read a suggestion the other day I really liked. Someone suggest that for Hamlet only, you could craft them. Using iron or gold. That’s a pretty good idea. 

Controller- Like I said, my husband and I are console players and we were happy to see you could play using your controller. (For us it’s a ps4 controller). Since that’s what we are using we have discovered you can renovate your house. The tab will open up, but it’s blank all but for the word Garland. I looked into that and it seems a lot of people are having this issues. Also, we discovered today that we can’t use the smelter either. I looked into that as well and it seems that to is an issue with using a controller. 

We really do love playing this. It’s so different. I just wanted to bring up the issue with playing with a controller just in case someone else is having that same problem

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Getting your first gears is supposed to be a challenge. Items that are easyish to get in ROG are often scarce in Hamlet: That’s the whole point. However, the shops do change some of their stock overnight, so if you either hang out in the second village for a while or build an oddities shop by your base so you can check it every day, you won’t have to spend so much.

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