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a quick question

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i just started a thread but i want to add a picture to it for an example but i dont know how. can someone please make a video or something to show me how to do this. thanks!

go advanced

click the paperclip button on the top row

add file

chose file

click insert inline


you'll need to reformat the file as a jpeg (http://www.pictureresize.org/online-images-converter.html works)

For sig/portrait pics, there's a size limit so you'll need to recrop the image, there's an online converter that'll do that too

2 treeguards example:


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if you're talking about steam screenshots, I found them in C:\Program Files\Steam\userdata\<userid>\760\remote\219740\screenshotsTake a screenshot in game (with F12) exit the game, click show on disk on the bottom left, viola.Good news is that steam screenshots are already in jpeg format.

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