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Sometimes I want to design something, but it could take a lot of planning.  I don't want the dupes starting on anything because I may want to redo parts of the design as I progress.  I could put a barrier to prevent my dupes from starting, but that can be tricky depending on the location.  I don't want to pause because I often want my base running in the background while I design.

Can we introduce a Priority 0 that indicates a build or task should never get started?

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I remeber suggesting something similar. 0 priority for stuff that never gets done and 10 priority ("!" for short) for emergency scenarios only during red alert forcing dupes to stop other tasks despite personal priority and finish that one immidiatly.

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3 hours ago, Sasza22 said:

10 priority

We need this also.  There needs to be a priority that ignores all other factors and forces the dupes to immediately do that task.  The closest dupe should actually stop what he is doing currently and go complete the priority 10 task.

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