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Small suggestion - Please make the objects moveable from the ruins

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For some time we have been able to deconstruct most of the doors and blocks of the ruins, but the objects (desks, lamps, lockers) remain stationary and can not be moved. But since these have a positive effect on the decor, I would like to use them in my rooms (without building the room on the other side of the galaxy :p). (In addition, those things always stand in my way and block my walls)

Therefore, one way to move items away from the debug mode would be very welcome. Our Dupes can make racquets out of nothing but steel and are not able to move a table?

Maybe this could be extended to the vascillators and nullifiers *Daydreaming*

Also, it would be nice if the previously non-destructible blocks and doors of the ruins would become destructible ...


And please excuse my english, it comes directly from the Google Translator ...
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