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  1. I currently have access to 3 asteroids. Work order tags from one asteroid are visible on another asteroid. On "Stinkina" i currently have 4 plants to be dug out (screenshot 1), those tags can be seen the corresponding tags on asteroid "Timberalin" (screenshot 2). This only affects work orders near the asteroid borders. Inspiring Brigade II.sav
  2. Poor Otto is trying to pump some Brine to store it using a Bottle Emptier. Since there are mixed liquids beneath the Pitcher Pump, he can't pump the brine an tries again. This is resulting in an endless loop of the chore. Oxygen Not Included 2020-11-28 20-42-29.mp4 Inspiring Brigade.sav
  3. I know this issue, normally happens when one of the movement key (W,A,S,D) "hangs". The viewport moves while the game is minimized an moves beyond any border. I can usually fix it by pressing each movement key (W,A,S,D) once and then go to the printing pod via defaultkey (H) or by using the Debug Tools (ALT-S) and zooming out until i can see my colony again.
  4. Just tested it with 5 stacked tiles of sand (each 1840kg, so 9200kg in total or 4600kg after digging), by digging out the lowest tile, waiting for the absorb then repeated until all 5 tiles where digged out. I ended up with only 920kg of sand. That's 45% mass loss, even more if more tiles used... Maybe Klei could double the absorbed materials mass? That could help to prevent material loss.
  5. carbon dioxide also does not accumulate in a tile and remains in 38g packets ... and since air cleaner and pump are now in a vacuum, my colony fills up with it.
  6. Hello, According to this bug message, the meteor shower of death was due to a change in generation / Destruction routine defused: https://forums.kleientertainment.com/klei-bug-tracker/oni/meteor-shower-shouldnt-appear-at-games-beginning-r10451/ Since the change of Gravitas Lobby in the last update, in particular the change from Neutronium Brick to Obsidian Brick, the meteor shower breaks through the lobby and destroys the underlying biomes before the breakthrough into space. This is likely to happen whenever the lobby is placed by the world generator in such a way that the abyssalite frames are over-written and / or there are no reglith or mafic rock deposits over it. Such a seed would be, for example, 2025793058. The obsidian tiles are destroyed and the meteors can break through. After reloading the game, the tiles are automatically repaired automatically, so I assume the longer you play without recharging, the worse the destruction. I uploaded the game, the destroyed part is not yet completely revealed. Maybe it would be a solution to give the lobby a meteor resistance? Rusty Launchpad.sav
  7. If I am right, then this is a known issue. You have at least 2 Dupes idling in front of an exosuit dock which means they jump into the suit and leave it immediately. While the dupe is in Exosuit "Idle" message is deacitvated, after leaving suit "Idle" message is shown.
  8. Hello, I encounter a bug, where the game crashes. When my duplicants build new structure, the temperature is being set to -273.2C or 211234100000000000000C. The structures then alternate between both temperatures or stay fixed sometimes(see attached Oxygen Not Included 17.06.2018 14_32_09.mp4) Save and reload fixes those structure which are at -273.2C, but those who are hot melt down und the game crashes (No "Blackhole has eaten my game" Message). I attached 2 Savegames: The Beautiful Lab.sav (will crash as soon as continued) The Beautiful Lab Cycle 198.sav (functional, left to the printing pod a gas bridge is being build, after finished, the temperature will be set to -273.2C. I am already using the cosmic_upgrade_hotfix- branch (CU-373838), which was mentioned multiple times in other bug report as possible solution. I think there are multiple different bug reports which may have the same cause. SimDLL_CRASH_release_273838_20180617-14.35.46.dmp SimDLL_CRASH_release_273838_20180617-14.39.02.dmp
  9. Hello, I hope i wrote something understandable since I am not used to speak or write in english... I am not sure if this is really a bug, maybe I just don't understand the world generator. As far as I understand world gen script "OilPockets.yaml", there should be 7 POI in oil biom. (3 oil geysers, 2 Buildings and 2 generic geysers) In my search for an easy seed für my next base I used the debug tools to take a look at the geysers I would get. (I'm still a beginner at ONI) While testing some worldseeds in "Custom Game" world generation (about 15 – 20 different seeds) I often had only 2 or 3 POI in the oil biom. In "Standard Game" world generation I usually got about 5-7 POI, which may be pure coincidence. Here are some worldseeds I used 1434722108 1200093804 7685506 For seed 1434722108 I added a savegame I also seem that some POI still overwrite other POI, at least in one of my tests one of the steam geysers was delete (This was reportet earlier here by CynicalBusiness) sadly I didn’t write down the seed to proof it. So, if this is realy a bug and the POI Count per biom is fixed and you don’t intend to completely rework the World Generator in a future update it would be nice if you could take a look at those issues. Best Regards, Taltral Immune Friends.sav
  10. I think this is a duplicate from my Bug Report althought it is another Scenario. As soon the duplicant gets idle he leaves the atmo suit and tries to idle in front of the Station. This seems not to be allowed so he puts back on the suit and tries to idle again. Maybe a solution would be to change duplicant behaviour so that he Returns to his assigned cot or something like that?
  11. Hello, first time bug report and in a foreign language so i hope you still understand what i am trying to say. (Google Translate was able to, so i hope it is ok) I was tinkering a little bit in debug mode (some possible base layouts, water cooling, testing out some *cought* glitches) when i was realizing my duplicants where "playing" with their personal atmo suits. The base's layout is create around the idea of giving each duplicant his own personal living quarter with an atmo suit checkpoint at the door (see screenshot). After some the 2 duplicant in the screenshot had nothing to do for a while they began to put on and off the atmo suit instantly whithout leaving the sport right before the checkpoint. I tried to move then duplicants but they just returend to the checkpoint and continued. The only stopped to sleep, eat or to hit the bathroom. Since the bug is still there after loading from a savegame, i also enclosed the file to this report. I encounterd the same problem in a normal game (without debug mode activ) but i lost the savegame... Greetings, Taltral The Breathless Shelter.sav