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Check valve/One-way valve

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Two words dups and duppettes... check valves: a two tile(or one ideally, but that might not be within the current mechanics of the game... I'm not greedy) liquid/gas fixture which is placeable anywhere pipes and valves are, which would prevent unintentional back flow.image.png.9686ffa77af593e7d7d78b9286b01200.png

I'm partial to big industrial looking ball checks ( which would look great in game), buuuuut again, not greedy.

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Yes, but pipe bridges are three tiles and annoying in some applications. If the pipe is out in the open, I'll use a flow valve rather than a bridge. If it's possible, a one tile check valve would simplify application, and reduce the span needed to implement such applications. I'd make a mod myself for this... but I don't want to learn how to mod ONI... modding Don't Starve... it gobbled up my free time like cookie monster with an actual esophagus.

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