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  1. I'm sorry, they just are, you have mismatched sizes with little transition, weird shapes, and little uniformity... The game does have a ramshackle feel to it that works rather well, but with the rockets, I think that esthetic is turned up a little too high, and just makes them look like eyesores. Adding in more size options, or maybe two standardized sizes based on the selected engine that limits which modules can be added, then beautifying the models a little? Not a huge deal though, I guess I can suppress my OCD for a few minutes... then suffer a heart attack later on in my sixties while wistfully remembering a game I played in my not so youth... But the engine to module ratios, is just plain misleading. When I slap down a hydrogen engine, I'm promised the freedom and flexibility of six modules... well four when you factor in the fuel and oxidizer tanks... well three when you add the command module... well two if you want to go with the bigger spacefarer and nosecone modules... but lets' go with three and an ugly tiny command capsule. This is the same number as the steam engine, which has its own supply tank, and would be on par with the sugar and CO2 engines if you factor in a nose cone. So why would I choose a hydro engine over a steam engine? Well... range, range is a very good answer, but module limits basically make the internal cargo taps useless in that case, as soon as I add a battery and gas storage, I have one or no modules for actually hauling crap around... so I'm not really incentivized to use them, especially when the community has come up with some excellent designs for space optimization. Don't get me wrong, I want the in command module cargo taps, I *NEED* the command module cargo taps... I'll die without them... in space... alone... adrift... bleeding heat like a naked incandescent bulb... *Cough* There are a few solutions to this quandary: Give the larger engines more modules; I think most would prefer this solution. Or my personal favourite, remodel the engines to include their fuel and oxidizer storage... and... add a service module... which I've shilled for previously. With a service module, you'd have the ability to enter the space, build your necessary support equipment, batteries, gas/liquid storage, filters, scrubbers, whatever you need, and interface it with the command module. This extra space could be balanced out with the inability to pressurize, or a check to kick dups out on launch, or a plain old instakill. This module would eliminate the necessity to pick and choose between modules to help support the dups, and ones to haul more stuff around. It would also add interesting complexity, a new skill set to learn, problems to overcome... maybe pipes freeze quicker in the module, or heat up rapidly because their in sunlight... maybe you add in something for temperature regulation... maybe you have to choose between spots for life support, and power generation... maybe a hydrogen fuel cell... maybe other stuff...? My point is... this is a really good mod idea, if not a standard gameplay one.
  2. Will you be updating High Flow Storage? It's probably the one mod I use the most.
  3. Copying snapshots of the game to a backup directory than swapping out the version you want to test might work.
  4. Not really, you can start a game where your dups do not eat, take no stress, and do not become sick... you can even god build, paint resources... but the one thing you absolutely cannot do without mdding the game, is change how production and supply work. It's obvious that the entire game is designed around processing raw resources into ever more refined products... Also, if you're creative building or in debug mode, you can easily let your dups die, and still mostly play the game... Even in normal mode, a dup will starve to death at about the same rate as the printing pod will offer new ones, one could, hypothetically, starvation build an entire base on one new dup every 3 days. Dups are 100% expendable, replaceable, and auxiliary to making an efficient base. Exclamation mark.
  5. Anything that saves on faff... Can't live without --------------------- Build Over Plants Deconstructable POI Props Hate not having -------------------- High Flow Storage Really nice additions ------------------------- Advanced Electrolyzer Wall Pumps and Vents Piped output
  6. OH GOD! NO! A DURABILITY SYSTEM! Durability systems are always a pain in the butt, never realistic, and only serve to inconvenience players. And what's the point? It's not to add complexity, being a hassle isn't complex, it's just annoying. "It forces you to be pre-plan and be prepared!" First of all, you can't *PRE* plan, you either plan, or you don't, and how? By making the player lug around or stock extra supplies? To occupy a precious inventory slot that could be better used carrying more cobblestone... or other such bric-a-brac... To force players to return to their core base from time to time? I already avoid atmo suits and jet packs because I find them barely useful drains on my time and resources, and I don't use any of the other clothing at all. I MIGHT equip stuff I find in lockers, but mostly, I don't even do that. Jet packs? I think I built one once just to build one... or I might've watched a youtube video and thought, 'that's a wast of time, and is laggy,' and not built one ever. A durability system will just make those kinds of prop pieces even less desirable, and will break automation setups which rely on dups for some portion of operation. If a dup has to throw on a suit to go mess with an oil well, or or babysit the new reactors in some way, and the suits degrades to unusable, those set pieces suddenly become inaccessible without warning. In saying that, I can guess why this is being implemented... to try and cause a reactor meltdown by unexpectedly walling off an area if the player isn't micromanaging checkpoints... Which is a really smarmy way to get an event to trigger... All Durability systems do, is create anxiety from artificially derived scarcity... When generating anxiety isn't a core factor in gameplay, durability serves no useful purpose. In a survival/horror game like Aliens: Isolation, flashlight batters running out in 5 minutes, adds to the overall discomfort you're meant to feel; when it's in a Zelda game, it makes you want to dig out your SNES and play Link to the Past. That other game you'all made, Food not Included, durability makes sense, the point of the game is to constantly find resources, constantly stay on the move, explore... Oxygen Not Included is about creating your own systems and supply lines, doing experiments, balancing production loads, building and expanding bases... if it was about scarcity and running out of stuff, you would've never implemented geysers or steam turbines... Survival of your dups, is auxiliary to making your base efficient.
  7. Water and air, ladders, electrical wires, pneumatic doors, fire poles, and conveyor rails also do not conduct heat in a vacuum.
  8. I'm not sure if this is a bug or a feature designed to make the game harder. In a vacuum, if you place an air flow or mesh tile next to a metal or bunker tile, they will not absorb the thermal load of the assent tile. Also, tempshift plates WILL absorb the load of an adjacent tile, but will not absorb the load of an adjacent shift plate.