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Seaworthy bug?

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finmat92    3

I started a game in RoG world and i chose SW as compatible world. You can see that i've all items in my inventory and i crafted Shadow Manipulator to unlock Seaworthy, but it doesn't appear. Has this happened to others? what can i do now?


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grossbeer    0

Hi finmat.

I can confirm this happend to me too. I was just looking in the forums for some metion of something like that. I too started a RoG World compatible with SW. Playing manymany days i wanted to switch to SW, but i couldnt find the seaworthy in the magic tab either (or any other tab).

I did however start the world, and died 2 times. I then clicked "retry" instead of creating a new world. Maybe that made the compatibilty of the World broken? Did you die too and just clicked retry?

Hope somebody can share some light on this. It seems to me this is definetly a Bug

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