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  1. Yes, i still play DS vanilla. I have DST too. I like to play in RoG and SW worlds. Why? because i love to play alone, everything happens exactly the way i thought (boring random online players). If i die it's because MY fault. DS has its own charm. I hate playing in online servers knowing that, someday, that map could be closed/unreachable.
  2. Oh...hello everyone This will be probably my first and last post in this section. I'm aware about the chances are remote (DS is dying, DST is far better, bla bla bla), but in deep of my heart (and others DS players heart i hope) i'd like to convince myself there's still a chance to do that. I'm not a programmer, no even a modder, so that's only a suggestion. It would be awesome to have some mod to change vanilla item textures with DST item textures. There're so many, but don't get me wrong, i'm talking about those who are already present in DS Vanilla. You can see some examples in these images. If you're going to say something like "you can just buy and play in DST to get them". Nope, this is not the point. DST is intended for online games with other players. It's different from DS. There're no possibilities to change them in single player games unless you drawn them by yourself, putting into .rar archive with .tex format. It would be a immense job. Let me know your thoughts. Best regards A DS player
  3. This is the second time this was happened to me. During humid season, when rabid bettles spawn, sometimes they push themselves into water if they're near a lake and can't return to land. This is definitevely a bug.