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  1. I started a game in RoG world and i chose SW as compatible world. You can see that i've all items in my inventory and i crafted Shadow Manipulator to unlock Seaworthy, but it doesn't appear. Has this happened to others? what can i do now?
  2. Hi everyone, i'm here after 4 years from release and over 300 hours in playtime. I need to improve myself and i'm looking for some advance tips. Recently i started a new game in RoG. I consider game with default settings and Wilson as character. The game is completed when i'm able to survive one year (in this case 4 seasons). I was in the Spring season, so i tried to do my best to create a campbase and try to survive through Summer that was coming. I collected main resources as twigs, grass, some food (carrot, berries, birchnut, etc), flint to craft axe and pickaxe. Then i went looking for other areas meanwhile i was exploring the map. I found beefalo in Savanna biome (manure is a important item to craft farms and create a supply area for grass and twigs in order to save time); i found rockyland (supply area for rocks, flint and gold nuggets essential to craft Science machine and Alchemy Engine); i found grassland (it was full of bee hives, unfortunately they were aggressive); i found Marsh (where i was able to pick up fish, frog legs, green mushroom for sanity). I built a firecamp, a Science machine, a Alchemy Engine, 3-4 chests, a little area where i planted pine cones, i crafted Backpack to carry more stuff, 3 improved farms, 3 lightning rods (preventing fires) and some grass tuft/sapling near them. After 21 days Summer has come and i found myself having to face so many problems: 1- Overheating (i crated one Ice Cube, but i hadn't a ice box due to the lacks of gears). Trees can help, but only for a moment. Endotermic fire is good, but it costs 2 nitre and i can't go far away from it. Due to wildfire caused by Summer i lost Science machine and Alchemy Engine. 2- Hounds. Yes, they aren't dangerous, but they can be if they arrived at the worst moment (i was dead, respawned with half health/sanity/hunger and nothing in inventory). 3- Sanity. Using Ice Cube during the day drop down it. Also rain (during Spring), dusk/night, monsters lower it. This forces you to spend a lot of times to raise it. 4- Bosses as Dragonfly that can arrives in the worst moment and destroy your campbase. What i'm looking for is a way to optimize my time, 21 days are barely enough to prepare yourself for Summer/Winter. Thanks for your attention.
  3. Achievements and quests

    I don't agree. Achievements can extend the life of the game for many hours. They haven't to be related with main elements of gameplay, they can be superfluous. In my personal gaming experience they don't ruin anything, instead they add more things to do and this is funny (sometimes they can be very stressful, but this isn't the case). Use your fantasy and you can imagine a lot of things.