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  1. Can confirm, its happening to me too. I forgot that there are Sinkhole icons on the map tho i just mark them with signs now. But seems a Bug to me too
  2. Seaworthy bug?

    Hi finmat. I can confirm this happend to me too. I was just looking in the forums for some metion of something like that. I too started a RoG World compatible with SW. Playing manymany days i wanted to switch to SW, but i couldnt find the seaworthy in the magic tab either (or any other tab). I did however start the world, and died 2 times. I then clicked "retry" instead of creating a new world. Maybe that made the compatibilty of the World broken? Did you die too and just clicked retry? Hope somebody can share some light on this. It seems to me this is definetly a Bug
  3. Cooling Aquatuners

    hmm preparing for all the heat destruction to be removed in some other updates, how would one get rid of heat. As far as i can tell there are several ways to (unrealistily) remove heat: - Water sieves - Weezeworts - Steam Turbines A relatively realistic heat removal would be heating up some gas and then letting it get away into space.. right? such a system would be interesting. Using co2 for example would make sense.... What do you guys think?
  4. Hi fellow Asteroiddwellers, Im pretty far in the game and want to develop a system which cools my aquatuners. I know i dont need to cool them due to thm not overheating, but it feels like exploiting a bug. Usually my aquatuner cooling setups would include 2 AT which produce a lot of heat. The aim is to keep them under 90 C so that the water they are submerged in wont boil. I figured that using weezeworts for that and cool hydrogen would be ideal for that, even if gasses dont transfer heat that well (because of the 1000g limit in pipes). My questions for this lil project: 1. How much weezeworts would i need to cool down 2 AT which run all the time. 2. How far down can weezeworts cool hydrogen? As the AT wont really run ALL the time i must watch the temp of the hydrogen (or whatever gas i will use for cooling) because i dont want the liquid they are submerged in to freeze. Another way would be to build tempshift plates instead of the cooling liquid so i dont have to worry about freezing the tuners. The question here would be can the liquid in the tuners ineract with the surrounding evironment when using exclusivly abyssal insulationg pipes? Thx in advance for any tips.
  5. Wow interesting Setups! Thx for all the tips! The Water Lock looks promising. I was wondering tho if the ittigation temp really matters that much. I read that if i use insolated pipes the temparature of the Irrigation water doesent matter at all. Is that still true? Because for sleet wheat it pretty difficult to cool water down without freezing it. Also i was thinking: Wouldnt the perfect airlock be the Tubes? Make a completely seald off room, cool it and have the only entrance be a tube Station. Ingame it says the building doesent produce heat (like for example batteries)
  6. Hi! Ive been playing ONI a lot since the rocketry update and im loving it. The Temparature management seems to be much more straightforward than in earlier releases. Im at cycle ~250, meaning im nearing the lategame. Ive got a steady supply of power (NG and 32 hatches for emergency coal power). My base cooling could use some improvement tho and im planning to do it via cold Oil in radiant pipes through my base. Ive been feeding my dupes only fried mushrooms for a long time now, so i figured its time to upgrade it to Stuffed berries/Pepper Bread. Ive build a Pepper Plant farm with hot oil temparuture regulation, which works perfectly. The only problem is that the fertilization of the farm/the farming itself needs dupes to enter the 45 C room, allowing heat to escape to the rest of my base. altho i could just cool it down again, this seems very power inefficient. I wonder: is there a good way to prevent or at least minimize the heat transfer betweeen rooms? I use a double airlock (6 tiles wide) but this just prolongs the heating instead of preventing it. In the real world i would access the farm from below, as heat does travel up, but i dont think that applies in ONI. Are there any clever setups you guys use? or should i just put the farm away from the rest of my base? Vacuum doesent transfer heat at all for example, but how do i achieve an accessable room with vacuum? Any Tips would be appriciated happy duping grossbeer