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Tool-tips and info panels need to be far more descriptive

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A lot of "information" windows and related things are extremely uninformative in some areas, ranging from custom game settings to machines.

Given that the current developmental focus is polishing what already exists, I'd like to see tool-tips be far more informative.


How much is "extremely accelerated"? Same problem for all custom game options.


What are the output temperatures? Some machines have a fixed temperature (sieve, electrolyzer), others output at the machine's current temperature (natural gas generator pwater), and a few apply a fixed modification (refinery, aquatuner).


The "approximate value" is not helpful, it would be better here to expand the "cooling factor" tool-tip to say that heat removed from the fluid is added to the machine. The confusion here is that it's not immediately obvious that it is heat neutral.


No indication of a low melting point (160C), which is kind-of important. This is particularly concerning because visco-gel is an option (when you get it) and melts at -30C (which is actually very useful for making seals).

Additionally, there's no information on the material in this window. There should be some indication of material stats (specific heat, conductivity, melting point) on material selection as it is useful in some cases (insulated tiles).


How long does the morale buff last? Also, other recreation buildings don't specify the max number of dupes, such as the jukebot.


No lux information (ceiling light is 1800 in a cone, floor lamp is 1000 radially).


No real information, just that it stores power. Should really be the same as the window you get when building it.


How slow? Should list the open/close time for both powered and unpowered.


There's probably more that I've missed, but this gets the point across fine. Anything not listed in-game is something that needs to be looked up to get that information, and external information checking detracts from the game.

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