Wendy's Personal quest


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Today so have I been playing all day long playing as Wendy getting raged by teammates for picking wendy and holding them hostage while I've been trying to do this quest, the issue isn't all the flame by random Russians and other people, the issue is that the quest specify that I need to survive until the grand forge Boarrior is defeated. 

With that in mind so have I completed this quest 3 times today but I have tried to complete it by trying to ace the entire forge with wendy although I have been very unfortunate with teammates at the end that keeps making mistakes at the rhinos. I don't know how to carry my team with wendy and survive at the same time the Rhinos.

So I ask Klei to change the description of the quest to ace the entire Forge or fix the quest. I've been somewhat annoyed that I can't get anywhere with it even though it has been one day. 

Well I just expect more people will be raging at me for picking wendy and playing in a way that avoids aggro and not even helping the healer getting de'aggrod and more hostage situations by me going afk/clicking ready until people give up that I will go Wendy or leave the lobby themselves. 

Wendy Quest.PNG

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