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Too easy to accidentally attack pigs

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It's too easy to accidentally attack pigs / guard pigs, which can result in a hoard of guard pigs descending on you and causing imminent death, or at least a high amount of damage. This is true of Don't Starve in general (for example it's easy to accidentally attack if you're in the middle of a Beefalo herd), but is extra frustrating in Hamlet since the guards remember you.

For example, I was in a store and meant to examine the storekeeper, but accidentally hit her instead. Suddenly, the store was filled with something like five guard pigs. I managed to get it out of there alive, but barely. Over the next several game days, I managed heal and pay off all of the aggro guards in town so that they would stop attacking me on sight (to the tune of about 40 oincs). But then when I went back to the store where I'd accidentally hit the storekeeper because I needed to buy something, and there were still two aggro guards in there. I left immediately in the hopes that I could pay them off outside, but they wouldn't leave the store. I went back in the store to try to pay them off, but it's too small a space to do that and so I was attacked to death.

Here are a couple ideas:

  • Require confirmation for attacking innocents (e.g. non aggro characters)
    • Pros: Makes it more difficult to accidentally attack things you may not want to attack
    • Cons: Adds friction to all non-aggro attacks
  • Set guards to forget prior attacks after X game days (maybe where X == 3?)
    • Pros: If you accidentally attack something, you can wait it out for a few game days without risking death 
    • Cons: Makes the penalty for attacking lower, which may incentive more bad behavior
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Pay attention to what you have equipped in your hand slot. If you don't want to attack something, unequip your weapon (or whatever might be consided as a weapon. Shears, for example. I once gave a shopkeeper a free haircut.). That should resolve your issue.

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