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1. The problem

'Quick Match' doesn't care what fancy name you set for the room you created and sure it doesn't care what you set in it's description. It cares if the room isn't locked with a password or isn't already full.

I can understand and accept that some people want to defeat whatever the final boss is with only top notch teams that know what they are doing by assessing the skill level only based on a number (meaning Forge level), so obviously when they create a Forge server they sure like to set fancy names like 25+, 30+, or something like this anyway to tell newbies that they shouldn't join unless they are at that level or above. Since they can't be bothered to set a password and mention it in description they start to rage at people that get inside via 'Quick Match' and demand that they should leave immediately.

2. My solution

Allow people to set a minimum Forge level like would set a password, so this way none of the sides would waste their time with explaining how they got in in the first place followed by disconnect, reconnect and look for another match again, experience at first hand the multiple levels of human stupidity in Internet games have like I did yesterday when joined a room that had a name like that, all this because some people can't be bothered to set a password and at least put a stop the 'Quick Match' issue.

PS: Before asking and start flaming, in this season at the moment I'm only level 15 mostly because of extra work hours i had lately and obviously limited spare time that comes with it.

I would honestly appreciate a level filter for reasons stated above, what about you?

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