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Hamlet Suggestions compilation thread

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So, I've been playing this religiously ever since Early Access was released, and have noticed quite a few things while playing. Rather then making many small posts, I've decided to compile all the current things I've noticed. This list includes both fixes and suggestions for current content and may be fixed in other ways in the future. Oh well.


  • Remove the ability to eat Magic Water, as it's too valuable of an asset to lose to a misclick
  • Give the Snakeskin hat and jacket full resistance to fog and fog wetness, as they're currently fairly useless.
  • Allow the Lantern to help cut through some of the fog during Humid season. It kinda makes sense and would help a lot.


  • Have a pedestal in the Mud Spa dedicated to only stock Coffee Beans, but increase the price to 8 Oincs to compensate. It's a pretty strong boost. 
  • Actually penalize the player for theft. Maybe have shopkeepers call the guards if you enter their shop during the next 7 days if you stole from them. Currently, all it does is give easy supplies and summon Krampus.
  • Prevent shop desks from being destroyed by hammers, as it unlinks the shopkeeper from the shop and allows the theft exploit to occur.
  • Reduce Oinc gain from Nightmare Fuel from 10 to 3, as it's too easy to mass farm Nightmare Fuel.
  • Reduce Oinc gain from trading Berries from 4 to 1. For starters, it's too easy to mass farm them. You can also buy them for 1 Oinc in the Grocer's for easy profit.
  • Remove Silk and Hounds Teeth from the Oddities Emporium, move to the General Store, increase prices to 10 Oincs each.
  • Have shops restock items on shelves, increase prices if required.
  • Give shops a special variety of shelves that prevents spoilage, and remove the player's ability to place items on them.
  • Allow stone slabs to fall over after a set period of time, to make Gummy Slugs and Bean Bugs renewable.


  • Have the Queen Wormant ignore her initial 2 Womant Warriors after a certain amount of HP is depleted, to prevent cheesing the fight by trapping them behind her throne with Coffee speed.
  • Respawn Pugalisk after 20 days if the player resurrects with the Magic Flower.
  • Give Piko a way to respawn reliably and remove aggression during a full moon, as it serves no purpose.
  • Change Pig Guard torches so they're held in the other hand, so they can always use Halberds.
  • Make Batilisks spawn in Cave Clefts after disrupting the area with an explosion or mining a pillar, to make Bat Cowls renewable.
  • Prevent Pig Guards from putting out Fire Pits. Campfires are understandable, but Fire Pits are completely safe and should be recognized as such.
  • Make Spider Monkeys hit much harder. 30 damage doesn't match their physique. 80 damage would, however.
  • Make the Rabid Beetles give up on chasing the player after a certain distance. They're currently relentless and they swarm.

Probably Bugs

  • Allow Glowflies to be killed at any time of the day.
  • Stop the Stalking Stick's spoiling timer while it's on the Drying Rack
  • Allow Krampus to recognize Cork Barrels and break them open.

Personal Ideas

  • Force a werepig transformation on all outside pigs during a Full Moon, possibly including Wilba. This is for a truly challenging full moon, as Pikos are pathetic.
  • Grant a cooldown period for Pig Guards when they pick up Oincs. Easy to lose a large amount of money from something that isn't a bandit.
  • Have Bandits recognize Oincs in backpacks and increase the threshold of spawning to compensate. Giving them the ability to rummage through backpacks on the ground also prevents cheesing the encounter without darts.
  • Allow players to hammer down structures completely. Hammering them twice would give the usual half materials required to build it. Builder pigs would still be able to repair partially deconstructed things. To compensate, change the Lantern requirement for Street Lamps to 3 torches. They are lit by fire, after all.
  • Add a new variant of Tooth Traps that fire darts upwards, to aid in Vampire Bat waves. It seems too easy, so I'd be fine if this was ignored.
  • Give the Claw Palm Trees a Poison Birchnut-esque mob. This could fit in very well.
  • Grant the ability to place Cork Barrels in water, because why not? The materials are very floaty.
  • Add a special craftable item in the Refine tab for use on Braziers that lasts a good while longer, as Braziers are fairly useless right now.
  • Bank feature for exchanging Oincs? Pretty please?

That is all from me. I'll probably update this if I can as I play the game even more, so feel free to look back on this from time to time.

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