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Please make Gingerbread Chest Skin Accessible Year Round

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Klei, the Gingerbread chest skin is one of my favourite chest skins ever. Rivalling the expensive Proof-of-Purchase Chester chest skin even. The Thanksgiving/Christmas Holiday Season is a busy time for most folks and between all the demands on your time there's even less time than usual for playing DST. Even with plenty of time to play you can't build an IRL year's worth of chests in ur world(s) in the course of the few weeks that Winter's Feast comprises anyway.

Please remove the time constraints on being able to use this skin by making it a Steam Market item such as what you did with the Yuletide Frock & Overcoat last year (which was WONDERFUL btw, ty muchly for that) or an unlockable/weavable item during the Winter's Feast Event so we can own the skin ourselves and have use of it during the entire year.

While the Gingerbread chest is by far the more important skin to have available year-round (to my reckoning), the Jingle Tophat and Plum Pudding Cap would be strong contenders for this treatment as well.

All I want for Christmas is my Winter's Feast skins (Gingerbread chest especially) all year round Klei. Please make that happen for us!

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