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The Cost of Thievery! (Suggestion)

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Warning This Thread Contains Spoilers

Note: I've only survived 29 days so far, so if this suggestion or something like it already exists, well then... Oh well.


I've seen complaints from people that you can steal everything. I've only been able to rob the shop keepers when there seems to be a bug that they have no desk, and then they're asleep. The fact that it shows the option of "steal" means that there's something there in the program that allows for the theft, so I see there are plans to allow for theft.  Otherwise I'm sure I would just be able to purchase items and the pig would either wake up or not and replace the item or not, or I wouldn't be able to purchase items because the shop was closed. - I'm saying, the fact the game recognizes it as "stealing" means I see there's code for something there.

I'm hoping Klei has something planned for it, but whether or not they do, I'd like to make a suggestion.


Theft causes prices to go up in real life, generally. It increases the cost of doing business. I believe if the player is stealing stuff, the price keepers should raise their prices for a season or an in-game year or something, to make up for the loss... Which, then of course, players will figure, "Ok, I'll just keep stealing! What do I care if it costs more?" - I suggest, with enough theft going on, the shopkeepers would hire a guard to stand guard inside their shop, and because they have to pay for the guard to stand guard, the prices of everything would increase greatly. Maybe double.

This would make stealing a choice for the player to get an easy start, but make the game long-term a bit more difficult because things in the shops they steel from would cost more for the rest of the world/save. Or, play honest, and the cost of items would remain low/the-same.


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