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Hamlet: RoyalPigGuards with Candlehats instead of Torches


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Hey modders, I will just leave this here and hope someone of you takes over.

I replaced some lines in the gamefiles of pigman_city.lua and citypigbrain.lua so the Royal Pig Guards don't have torches in their inventory anymore but candlehats instead. When the daytime changes to dusk, their helm will be hidden and they equip the candlehat while keeping the halberd in their hands.

Yes, this means that they will no longer burn the city or your base by setting monsters on fire! That's perfect, right?

So what is left to improve:
Right now, this writes directly into the gamefiles. You could change it to overwrite as few as possible with the correct postinits.

Have fun to improve it and feel free to upload it to the workshop.  :)





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Some improvements in the code. Still overwriting the gamedata files.
Modmain has to add the proper AddComponentPostInit and AddPrefabPostInits.

Containers include the current and original pigman_city.lua and citypigbrain.lua as well as a nice png to use as the modicon later on.

Reuploaded the container as a .rar and a .zip but the previous container worked for me, so probably just an error during your download.

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