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  1. Auto Attack Disabling Mod Request

    if your saying that if you want it to make it hamlet and shipwrecked compatible i can do that very quickly or if you want to do it yourself then put this in the modmain.lua and edit it with notepad ++ hamlet_compatible = true shipwrecked_compatible = true reign_of_giants_compatible = true
  2. Help with the appearance of the shadow

    have you tried importing the shadows creatures code into it so i can just turn off when in a certain sanity?
  3. im having problems with my mod toad he doesnt work and i really dont want to redo images since it toke me 2 hours to copy and paste copy and paste i really need help heres the file notes.txt toad.tex toad.xml examplefloatableitem.scml toad.scml usage.txt toad.tex toad.xml toad.tex toad.xml notes.txt toad.tex toad.xml toad.tex toad.xml toad_silho.tex toad_silho.xml modicon.tex modicon.xml modinfo.lua modmain.lua examplefloatableitem.lua toad.lua speech_toad.lua