On Forge Achievements (Or Lack Thereof)

Dr. Safety

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It's evident that the achievement system has changed from last year. What was once a big list of goals to accomplish before the event ends is now a small list of 4 goals to accomplish within the span of 2 days. This poses a couple questions.

Will each "quest" only be available for each player once, so if you miss one you will not be able to get credit for completing it?

Will there be some prize for players who do every quest every day?

What is the best way to earn XP now that we need to wait for achievements to cycle through?


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The purpose of this new quest system to stretch event up, so everybody would stay on the same page as our community meter is fulfilling. Holding back those eager for contest gadabouts who complete all achievements in one moment. Not a fan of that, it feels like we're getting content through a dropper. I'm sure lots of people want challenges and mind twisting hardcore quests, but knowing Klei we will get it eventually. Klei just can't hold themselfs to test player's wits. Gotta have some patience.

I assume something will show up closer to the end of the event, like it was in the Gorge, maybe even tournament, then again they can come up with something different entirely.

Could be some clues in the game files, if not, for now we can only guess

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