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Hello Again Everyone

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I have returned from a several month long absence. I have no idea if any of you recognize my ugly mug or even knew I existed. All I can say is, I am glad to be back on the Klei forums and in DST/DS. The last game I was playing was fun but boy, the community was a cesspit. But here everything's much better. I hopped onto Forge and failed spectacularly on my first game (played as Maxwell, kept dropping my book instead of using it. We died to pit pigs). I learned and by my 2nd game I was having a blast and doing okay. Whenever I entered a match, 90% of the time everyone was nice and willing to answer my questions/didn't yell at me for dying. I've gained some levels and had a win, but most of all I had a bunch of fun. Overall the experience has lifted my spirits from the pit they were in previously. I might even get off my butt and finish that mod I was working on when I left. I've already grabbed Hamlet and will definitely be exploring the pig civilization (though the most interaction so far is when I picked up a pickaxe and was chased after for burgling).

 Thanks, Klei, for the games, and thanks Klei community for being mostly decent people :wilson_flower:

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