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Major bug found

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Don't even know how it happened, i stole the house and defense contract from the mayor and left during the night, came back during dusk many days later and he was still in his sleeping pose for a moment even though it was dusk. Then he got back up and restocked the defense contract, but i could still steal it even though he wasn't sleeping anymore. Therefore I was and am still able to steal the contract OVER AND OVER again as he keeps restocking it even though im stealing it as hes awake. This has let me spawn as much Krampuses as I want, and i can recruit however many guards I want too. Too bad they get torches at dusk and night, cause otherwise i'd build an army and wipe out all the biomes but they'll just burn EVERYTHING down by accident with their torches. I think maybe the bug is caused by stealing the contract at night, leaving during the night, then coming back during dusk some other time? Or maybe it was just really random idk.

Decided to just recruit every single guard in the first town, made them attack one hostile guard and then they all just started a big fight until only one was left. Have tons of security contracts laying on the ground though if i want to recruit more soon when they respawn.

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