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Pig Army

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        If you buy lots of pig soldier. (like 10-12)

   It's like cheating because pigs are beating everything. :D It can be a limit to hire pig soldiers.

   When you enter a house you can't see anything. They can wait outside the house! 

   If you accidently hit one of your soldier just press "alt+f4". Because they will atack the pig which one you atack accidently. Pigs are friends so they want to protect each others.(very logical) And the big fight the chaos begins... After the big fight there will be only one winner.  Congratulate him and start crying... Ah it feels bad man... :( 

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On 10.12.2018 at 12:32 PM, metallichydra said:

the worst thing is when it becomes dusk, cause then the world gets burned to the ground.

frogs and the hanging vines in jungle can knock out their torches, or their halberd if they are holding torch during dusk

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