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Length/Height while click/dragging

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Any chance we can get a counter on the cursor while we're click/dragging tiles and the like to aid in room planning?  Or a "ruler" selection so we can measure out prospective rooms?  Ie.a counter like "(N x M)" attached to the cursor that uses the point we originally clicked as the zero reference?

Given a 4-tile high open area, 64 tile rooms are 16 tiles wide, 96 tile rooms are 24 tiles wide, and 120 tile rooms are 30.  Generally when I'm poking about trying to figure out where I'm going to put tiles etc for a new room, I end up using beds if I don't have tepidizers as rulers to get the width of the prospective room before I start excavating.

Figured it would be nice to have a few more planning tools available to shorten the time it takes to figure out basic stuff.  Would be nice if they didn't require tech or materials to use., that's all.

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