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Bigger lily ponds for more diverse biome segmentation.

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I'm enjoying hamlet so far, but there's a biome I feel needs more love. 

I originally thought lily ponds were gonna be this awesome lake-like biome, but after revealing the whole map to see biome distribution I'm kind of disappointed for several reasons. From a gameplay standpoint, there's little to no point in using boats besides accessing lotuses, fishing relics and hunting mobs in a rather limited area.

I'd love to see lily ponds become larger and more of an obstacle between biomes to didive them so that the world doesn't feel like a cohesive mosaic of the same few biomes. Many biomes in 1 place gets bland and diminishes the contrast between them in hamlets starting plateau, while in SW and RoG you have clear biome based islands and segments respectively so you never get overexposed to all the biomes in the same area.  

biome distribution seems to be a lot better on the other plateaus around the one you spawn on, but I'd love to see the lily pond become something worthy of a cargo boat as there's no incentive to actually use boats. 

anyway, that's just my 2 oincs. 

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I made my account specifically to voice my support of this notion.

I was thinking that the lily ponds would almost serve as a sort of barrier - obviously not as prevalent as the ocean in Shipwrecked, but something which must require some care/time to navigate.

What I was expecting was that scene in Journey to the Center of the Earth where the characters see the underwater sea for the first time and really get a renewed sense for the expanse and vast unknown wildness of the predicament they're in. What I got was an especially sizable and admittedly - slightly - unruly duck pond.


Bigger, more expansive, please!

More of a "thing" to navigate/take on, whether it be that it can split up biomes, or has some sort of special/unique biome that only occurs in its center, or what have you. I'm digging the idea but the current execution leaves me feeling a little lacking.

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