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What types of items can you steal?

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Anything in the farm areas outside of the city (This will trigger a response from guards.)


You can also steal the Deed of Home Ownership and Security Contract with no penalty if you are in the mayors office at night. I have also heard that you can steal things with the bandit hat on (It drops from the pig bandit). But I haven’t been able to test it yet.


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Along with the deed of home ownership you can steal the security contract by going into the city hall at dusk, waiting until night when the mayor is sleeping, and then stealing it. I don't know if you can steal things in other shops or not, I have yet to test it.

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Somehow my shop keeper disappeared (not sure if bug?)  but now that he's gone I can steal all items in his shop.  He hasn't come back yet and it's been a few days, each day there are more items.  The first time it happened Krampus showed up after I stole everything in the store but maybe he showed up because the shop keeper died?  He hasn't shown since either.


edit: scratch that, I stole everything from the shop again and Krampus came back the next day lol.


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