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  1. 1. The jungle turf is invisible when removed. 2. The Brain of Thought is not giving acess to the volcanic tab? 3. i died in shipwreck and there was no more touch stones there, but the flower revived me back in Hamlet! Is that a bug? 4. when i entered the volcano for the first time there was a monkey there! And he was friendly to me.
  2. - yes... the nectar. I tested after what you told.... and if you put it in the ant chest they convert it to honey. Tanks for that.
  3. 1 - The Ants are not repleneshing the honey? At least in my world it is not happening. 200+ days. 2 - If you leave a 0% lantern on the ground in the Ruins it will generate eternal light. Just leave the room and return. 3- Lightning Rod sometimes does not work? I lost all my netles. It is happening more often in the Iland where the aporkalypse ruin is located, I lost a small base there for a fire by lighting. (the lighting rod was very close).
  4. I stored the Robin egg in a chest inside a cave beside a campfire and after a few days multiple Robins started to spawn from the egg. Later, i remover the egg from the chest an it disapeared.
  5. I'm having the same problem! Have you found a solution? Tanks